SUPER-DIVAS #4 | Raquel Nobre Guerra and Filipe Homem Fonseca

28 Maio 2022 17h00

SUPER-DIVAS #4 | Raquel Nobre Guerra e Filipe Homem Fonseca

WHEN | 26 Março, 17:00
ENTRY | 3,5€ (monthly member fee)

What drives poets? Sung sex, of course. But, being poets, it's ultrasex. That is why this cycle dedicated to super hot super divas is urgently needed. Dinis Lapa and Nuno Moura send jests into the air and then a divine ray pierces them with the names of the mega sexiest poets in Portugal. All of them are somehow connected to music. Super-diva prima-donnas is what they are. «Sexões» are, therefore, sex sessions with the sexiest poetry super-divas. The feast is served.
In this fourth session of the Super-Divas cycle, the will be a session of spoken word with Raquel Nobre Guerra and Filipe Homem Fonseca.
On this occasion, there will also be the release of a publication that has been created as an extension of the previous session of the cycle, which counted with the participation of Burgueses Famintos (Manuel Molarinho and João Silveira).

RAQUEL NOBRE GUERRA has a degree in Philosophy. She published Groto Sato (Mariposa Azual, 2012); SMS de Amor e Ódio (Residências no Largo, 2013); Saudação a Álvaro de Campos (Plaquete Palavras por Dentro, 2014); Senhor Roubado (Douda Correria, 2016), also published in São Paulo (Selo Demônio Negro, 2017) and Berlim (Hochroth Verlag, 2019). . In 2019 she published the anthology Una Coca-Cola Contigo (Puro Pássaro, Bogotá) edited and translated by Jerónimo Pizarro. In 2021, almost ten years later, Groto Sato resurrected in Brazil, in a revised edition, at Macondo publishing house.

FILIPE HOMEM FONSECA was born in Lisbon, he is a screenwriter, playwright, writer and director, author of dozens of television series, several plays, some films, three novels, three books of poems, co-author of a surrealist novel or something that worth it. In music, he has edited six discs of different projects where he sometimes sings, sometimes plays guitar, bass or theremin.

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