Exhibition "LOVERS" guide visit with Bárbara Bulhão and Fábio Colaço

9 Abril 2022 18h00

We are pleased to invite you for an encounter with Bárbara Bulhão and Fábio Colaço, the curators of the exhibition “Lovers” , who will be available to lead visitors on a guided tour around the imagination of creation and the pieces that compose the exhibition, accompanied by some of participating artists.
“Lovers” features works by Bárbara Bulhão and Fábio Colaço, Fernando J. Ribeiro, Francisco Menezes, Isabel Cordovil, João Campolargo Teixeira and Marcos Duvágo.
We also would like to inform you that the exhibition has been extended until April 29th.

FREE ENTRY [In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of a sanitary mask is mandatory to visit the space and the entrance is subject to maximum capacity, in compliance with DGS rules]

INFO | https://zaratan.pt/en/exhibit/92

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