Book release « Mais um Ano sem a Anja »

5 Fevevereiro 2022 18h00

Book release 
« Mais um Ano sem a Anja » 
WHEN | February 5, 18:00
ENTRY | Free [In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, to visit the space the use of a sanitary mask is mandatory and the entrance is subject to maximum capacity, in compliance with the DGS measures]
We invite you to the launch of the book «Mais um Ano sem a Anja» by the associação de amigos da praça do Anjo [aapA] and the presentation of the video "Grandiosa Romaria em Honor do Corpo Ausente da Anja", with the presence of Carla Cruz and Ângelo Ferreira de Sousa.
After fifteen years (2007-2022) of flawless dedication, of loving labor, the day has come for the association of friends of Praça do Anjo [aapA]!
We are, finally!, thrilled to present to our associates - and the community in general - the aapA Activities Report of the last decade and a half, which culminated, in 2021, the pandemic year, with the Grandiosa Romaria em Honra do Corpo Ausente da Anja".
But «Mais um Ano sem a Anja», a peculiar book, pretends to be more than just a summary of the work done. Its journey intends to think about the public space of “civitas”(the community of citizens) from Porto, Portugal, Europe and elsewhere. Their past political struggles, utopias, deceptions and falling Icarus, like the statue of the "Anja" by Mestre José Rodrigues, stolen by drug addicts one random night in December 2006, dictating, in the urgency of an answer, the birth of our Association.
This is the collective narrative we want to invite you to! 
The release of the book will occur on February 3 at Termita bookshop in Porto, on February 4 at CAAA in Guimarães, and on February 5 at Zaratan in Lisbon. The journey will be anything but serene, because life is not like that, but (our) History is fascinating.
Book design by Joana & Mariana
Camera and video editing by Miguel F
With the support of the Criatório – CMP