THE DEATH OF THE TANGIBLE MAN or "How to avoid being eaten alive by the bloodiest insects of our time"

26 Novembro 2015 19h00

or "How to avoid being eaten alive by the bloodiest insects of our time" 
Bruno Humberto
48 hours – Performance/ Time specific installation

From: 19h Thursday / 26th Nov.
To: 19h Saturday /28th Nov.

The open process of making a no-show through insomnia and circular writing.
In "The death of the tangible man" the public has the opportunity to see, in several phases, the elements that compose a scenic death in progress - text, sound, choreography and presence – which are separated, united, restraint or in a physical delirium.
This artwork, that stems from the residency programme "We only want the Intangible", carried out in October at the ECMA (Ex Mele Cinema Aperto) in Italy, is related to the texts written by Bruno Humberto himself for the Wrong Wrong magazine # 3, which address the poetics of the empty space, the deconstruction of the format of the spectacle and the relationships that come from there.

Note: During the gallery closing hours, the process can be watched via a webstreaming link, that will be available on the same day through the facebook page of Zaratan.