SLUG + Eira e Sousa + Volunteer Dinosaur /// concertos

19 Junho 2021 19h00

SLUG + Eira e Sousa + Volunteer Dinosaur /// concertos

June 19, 19h00
Free entry*

>SLUG | It is a project born in the heart of A Besta during the residency developed in Zaratan between 2017 and 2018. The work of the trio lies between the limits of sound torture linked to Noise and the physical and mental torments of Black Metal. The result is a prolonged listening nightmare in an attempt to replicate the comfort of the scaffold.
The influences of Baudrillard, Schopenhauer, and Vergílio Ferreira are shown through the dematerialization of the self, the violent refusal of will and the painful permanence of consciousness. However, instead of the path of intellectualization, any rationality is replaced by the truth of a gun pointed at one's head. SLUG is: DV, DR, VD.

>EIRA & SOUSA | Partícula Records, a netlabel born in the heart of A Besta, presents the duo Sousa & Eira in an exploration of the electronic movements that mark the publisher's sonic dysfunctionality.
Present in ParPar, Hemlock, subasement, a-nimal, Bleandante, Svayam and countless collaborations ranging from Free Jazz to Glitch.

>VOLUNTEER DINOSAUR | (André Neves and Camila Vale travel through the multiverse of random memories that make up parallel languages, day-to-day lived by some, between the banal and the superlative; that typical common-sense space. In this audiovisual show, we embark, through film or sound, on a journey through the memories of others, making them our own, and intuitively assimilating ideas and messages acquired in real time that belong to unknown pasts. They use super 8 and various instruments (electronic pianos, synthesizers, vinyl records). This will be the first presentation of the album "Uno", released by the Panama Papers label.

* In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of a sanitary mask is mandatory to attend public events and places are limited.