MARCY PETIT | “Blue Memories”

26 Agosto 2021 16h00

Zaratan AIR | Open Studio
MARCY PETIT | “Blue Memories”

OPEN | 26-27-28-29 August, 2021
SCHEDULE | Thu-Sun, 16:00-20:00
ENTRY | Free*
SUPPORT | República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes

We are pleased to present “Blue Memories”, a mixed-media installation by Marcy Petit, produced during her residency at Zaratan.
As a photographic diary, during her residency in Lisbon, the artist documented her exploration of the city and the small events happening: a man walks proudly holding a black kitten on his shoulder, a woman cries and pulls her friend's shirt on a dizzying staircase ; an old man smokes an extraordinarily large pipe. A reflection; a detail; an atmosphere.
The astonishment of seeing the personal involvement of the act of looking through the camera and solidifying the present in a lasting image: "That has been!" (“Ca a été!”) which is, for Roland Barthes [La Chambre Claire], the essence of photography.
As if the walls could see, Marcy Petit composes and fragments - in space and time - these photographs on tiles, reinterpreting traditional Portuguese “azulejos” through the cyanotype technique applied to handmade ceramics.
“Blue memories” reflects on the value and beauty of the instantaneity of a moment, but also its fragility and ephemerality. It freezes these moments of live poetry before they turn to dust into the ruin of our personal memory.

BIO: Marcy Petit (France,1990) is an intermedia artist currently living and working in London (U.K).
She obtained an MA in Management of Contemporary Art at Leeds University and at Université Paris 8 after completing a BA and a MA in Visual Arts in Rennes (FR).
Her works, inspirations and interests are extremely eclectic. Her works develop through a multidisciplinary practice: from videos, to photographs, performances, sound, or installations. Nourished by an extended investigation on relational art, her practice often explores performatic ways of intervention, both by using her body as a medium or recording her encounter with people, stories and territories in different formats. She has participated in several collective and solo exhibitions, and joined several festivals internationally since 2011.
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