LILLY SAYWITZ | "Paying Attention"

28 Outubro 2021 16h00

Zaratan AIR | Open Studio

LILLY SAYWITZ | "Paying Attention"

OPEN | 28-29-30 October, 2021
SCHEDULE | Thu-Sun, 16:00-20:00
SUPPORT | República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes
ENTRY | Free

We are glad to announce the opening of “Paying Attention”, a flash exhibition by Lilly Saywitz, artist in residency at Zaratan. The works presented is a series of paintings on canvas and paper accompanied by an installation of oil sketches that ring the perimeter of the space.
“Paying Attention” is the culmination of a month of looking at and observing edges, meeting points, and interactions.

["Order seems to come from searching for disorder, and awkwardness from searching for harmony or likeness, or the following of a system. The truest order is what you already find there, or that will be given if you don't try for it. When you arrange, you fail.]” (Fairfield Porter)

ARTIST BIO: LILLY SAYWITZ is a painter and printmaker currently residing in Knoxville, Tennessee. Saywitz holds a Bachelor of Fine arts from Boston University. She was the co-curator of Witch Mountain Gallery and was juried into shows at The Dorchester Art Project and Gallery 263 in the Boston area. She received her masters in in fine arts from the University of Tennessee. While there she was the recipient of the Dorothy Dille Graduate Excellence award and a fellow at the Marco Institute for medieval studies. In her work, Saywitz traces varying roots of desires back to an internal compass composed of shape and color. These forms are conduits for new kinds of communication, they are misty portals and half sung love songs that wobble within the structure of a canvas.The body of work produced at Zaratan is a prayer for luck. Within the works on paper and on canvas, there are whispered hopes that move across the room through visual repeated motifs that are reminiscent of the tiled facades of Lisbon. A shrine for the new made out tessellated fragments of old. These disparate images all function as totems, like kissing gold when one sees the moon or tossing mirrors into bodies of water. These acts invite prosperity and bounty in and keep wild storms at bay. This installation will include works on paper, works on canvas, and transformed low relief sculptures. >>>