WRITER TALK | “Connect” with Jeon Hyun Jeong

24 Outubro 2020 18h00

Zaratan AIR presents:
WRITER TALK | “Connect” with Jeon Hyun Jeong

Zaratan is pleased to invite you to an encounter with Korean writer Jeon Hyun Jeong, currently in residency at Zaratan.
On this occasion she will introduce some of the research themes in her children's books. Particularly, this presentation will focus on discussing the deep connection of human beings with other living species through the narration of the book 'One berry', but also by means of stories of her journey in Antarctica, and her recent experience in Lisbon.

During our existence on Earth we all come into contact with other living beings and affect each other. If one species disappears, other species that connect to it disappear. 
And finally, in a chain reaction, humans will also be affected.

The entrance is free and the presentations will be held in english. Questions and discussion are encouraged.
In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the conversation takes place outdoors in the Zaratan courtyard, with mandatory use of a mask and limited seating, in compliance with hygiene and safety standards.

SUPPORT: República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes | Arts Council Korea
BO: JEON HYUN JEONG is a children's book writer from South Korea. She lives and works in Seoul. She majored architecture and she has been designed buildings in an architecture design firm. Even though her formation is in architecture, writing has been a tool to express herself since she was young.After leaving the company, she wrote different genres of writings, like travel columns, Korean traditional architectures,or drama scripts.After she became a mom, she fell in love with reading children's books and started to write her own stories.She received the 19th Golden Goblin Award with “Cheer Up!” Eun Chan, a children’s book adapted for her daughter from a drama she previously wrote, and debuted as a writer in 2013. Through her books she express her interest in the environment and it's variety of species, and she researches hidden woman in popular histories. She was selected as a member of the Antarctic Expedition team and visited the Korean science research station and the Antarctic Specially Protected Area in 2017. After this experience, she wrote the book" Night show of Migratory Birds" that reflects on climate change.She believes that a good story has power beyond generations, and can touch equally adults and children.