JENA JANG | "Decalcomanias"

24 Setembro 2020 16h00

JENA JANG | "Decalcomanias"

OPEN | 24-25-26-27 September 2020
SCHEDULE | Thursday to Sunday, 16:00 to 20:00
LIVE PERFORMANCE | 24 September at 18:00
ARTIST TALK | 26 September at 18:00

We are pleased to present “Decalcomanias”, a flash exhibition by Jena Jang, artist in residency at Zaratan.
The artist’s practice is soaked with interest in the universal desire for spiritual life, a yearning for some higher power or intelligence, or to reach for something beyond.
Jena Jang's paintings work like a kaleidoscope: thousands of angled mirrors that create configurations of colors, dots, spills of spilled ink and marks that print on paper like a tattoo of the energy of the moment. In the blind spot where language cannot reach, abstract forms appear that look like organs, skeletons, cells and nerves. In addition to including a series of paintings on paper that the artist has been producing during her stay in Lisbon, “Decalcomanias” is a live performance (September 24, 6 pm) that explores the connections between the act of painting and shamanic rituals.
The artist invites us to enter a performatic situation, and to accompany the trance process.
The paintings themselves become invisible beings or gods, suggesting how the ritual can be an unconscious part of artistic practice.

BIO: JENA JANG is a South Korean artist based in Prague, Czech Republic. She is a researcher in visual communication at Time-Based media department in University of Jan Evangelista Ústí nad Labem. Her audiovisual works illustrate the psychological struggle that is symbolised with a poetic approach and indigenous earthy images that are inspired by myth/primitive/folk/Naive art and Art Brut. She mixes hand-drawn images with sound, video works, and digitally edited/distorted images. Her research project, a shamanic art therapy practice; the exploration of the music genre of a shamanic new wave; a mind purification will be delivered with mantra chanting, instrument playing, visual elements with video projection.

Support: Jan Evangelista Purkyne University In Usti Nad Labem | República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes

[*In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the conversation takes place outdoors in the Zaratan courtyard, with mandatory use of a mask and limited seating, in compliance with hygiene and safety standards.]

Live Stream - Performance