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20 Março 2020 14h00

4V4+4R 4R+i5+ (Avatar Artist)
Workshop de Arte Digital com Systaime

WHEN: March 20-21, from 2 pm to 8 pm
REGISTRATION: Until March 15th via email booking@zaratan.pt
ELIGIBILITY: Students and young artists
TRAINER: Michael Borras (AKA Systaime)

Zaratan invites students and young artists to a digital creation workshop with Michael Borras. This group laboratory brings the art world to the virtual and back to reality, opening the perspective of an expressive use of digital programming. From the creation of a digital artist, in the form of an avatar (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), participants are invited to imagine and produce the artworks of this virtual artist (gif, video, 3d images, etc. The workshop culminates in the presentation of a real exhibition by this fictional artist.


BIO: Systaime, whose real name is Michael Borras, born 29 January 1973 is a French contemporary visual artist. His name of artist Systaime, chosen in the late 1990s when he was a figurative painter, is the contraction of the words "Système" and "Aime". They symbolize for the artist the love and understanding that is necessary for a data processing or political system in order to circumvent, divert or subvert it. Former art school student, he is a multidisciplinary French artist and exhibition curator, net.art activist and video jockey. He experimented with painting, GIFs, remixes, Mash Up, blogs, books, CDs, photos, audio/video performances, music videos, TV reviews. He is more particularly known as multimedia and networks artist. Systaime defines his style as "French Trash Touch", a name of his invention derived from the musical movement French Touch. Michaël Borras considers that the debates between the "great culture" and the "subculture" do not have to be, that there is no difference between a painter who will spend hours on a canvas and an artist who will spend hours also on the creation of a GIF.

Support: República Portuguesa - Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes