2# | Towards a Gutter Mysticism: Inner Alchemy and the Sub-Real

8 Fevevereiro 2020 20h00


2# | Laughing & Crying: Bataille's Body & The Solar Plexus Chakra

February 8 at 20h00 | Free entry

Zaratan is thrilled to invite for the second lecture from the cycle “Towards a Gutter Mysticism: Inner Alchemy and the Sub-real” presented by Pascal Ansell. Embracing an experimental approach to the act of sharing knowledge, this series encounters the experiences of ritualistic preparation, playfully with different media, languages, and contexts.
Pascal writes: “The solar plexus is a symbolic playground of all artistic creation. It is between the genitalia, the grit and meat of musical erotics. Waiting on the opposite side is the cerebral zone, our refined intellectual maps for crafting beautiful things. The chest is a frenetic spawn of energy, exquisitely harsh.”

With this is mind, we will explore parts of French surrealist George Bataille’s body of work, travelling hopefully towards that rare position of Commitment. The point being that everything can often appear desperate and hopeless in regards to our political potential, as well as the personal influence we hold in social spheres. Yet at least in this lecture-performance, we’ll return to old ground, the territory of our historical ghosts, one held by our unfashionable but still relevant friends, the modernists. Their usefulness as thinkers has not been superseded by their trendier postmodern cousins. As a result, stealing from the hands of academics and intellectual gatekeepers is a new job for us all! Eventually, all of the above will somehow, perhaps very tenuously, be connected to the chest, the source of creation, extending and reaching to our inner suns, laughing with a tear in the eye. Failing that, there will be tea. Come thirsty!

Short Bio: Pascal Ansell is a writer and musician based in Lisbon. Previous lectures have explored Portuguese football, 'Cooking with Salazar', boxing and the mastery of Joe Meek.