"HARDWARE COWBOYS" > ALEXANDRE CASTRO I Workshop of computational / electronic exploration with micro-controllers

19 Setembro 2015 10h30


On the contrary of a receipts book, this workshop intends to guide his participants for the necessary process of exploration and apprenticeship of creation of electronic objects able to resist its extern surrounding environment.
The workshop will explore the following points:
- Components Acquisition;
- The hacking/making culture existing around the DIY electronics;
- Information sources;
- The Arduino platform;
- Assembly and planning of simple electronic objects;
- Space out for speculation and free experimentation with the available tools.
In the end of the workshop each forming will be in the posse of the object built by itself.

Supplied material:

- Prototyping Platform;
- Several sensors types;
- Leds, motors, small resonant columns, i.e.;
- Electric wires;
- Workshop content documentation.

Required material for the workshop:
- Computer;
- End USB 2.0 with Mini or Micro connection. (Micro are the commonest, used in the telephones / current cameras).

N. of participants:
Maximum 10

19 September 10:30 to 19:00

25 euros (students) 30 euros (professionals and artists)