Perfussom (22) | Ameeba

23 Novembro 2019 19h00

PERFUSSOM (22) | Ameeba

November 23rd at 7PM

Entry 3€ [monthly member fee]

PERFUSSOM is a cycle of live events between performance, music and poetry. PERFUSSOM follows a nomadic and undisciplined path, proposing the mixing of several expressive languages. With curatorship of Filipe Leote, it happens once a month at Zaratan since September 2017. In this 22nd session there will be a live concert with projections by Ameeba.

The ameeba is a unicellular organism found in fungi, algae and animals that has the property to change its shape - the name could not better match the music practiced by the band Ameeba. When we find ourselves in the so-called free rock - jam, garage, jam - rock, the laps are exchanged and we end up in full psychedelism, and then immediately sent to the post-rock realms. We don't stop there, because suddenly there is a return to the roots of punk. Fred, Carlos and Pedro play with shapes and styles, and each time they adopt one, they throw it away shortly, swapping out the riffs for landscaping that has more connections to electronics, to ambient. music or experimentalism than with the heritage of rock and roll. Until these also crumble to return to guitar distortion and abuse of feedbacks. The only rule of the game is nonalignment, which is precisely what you know so well with these protozoans.