Foggy / Floresta Oblíqua / Yogev Amsalem

2 Novembro 2019 19h00


November 2 at 7PM
3€ entry [monthly member fee]

Francesco Foggy Pintaudi is an italian composer and musician based in Lisbon. He presents a liveset with an electronic component made of delay and feedback, mixed with moments of improvisations, with the use of samples and drum machine, playing a different range of styles from dance to tribal rhythms, tecno, funky and so on. After joining different bands and touring around Italy and Portugal (Wattafog, Hank!, Nicolò Carnesi), Foggy arrives in Lisbon passing through Berlin. In 2018 he created his first solo project, influenced by different cultures and artistic experiences and not, mixing minimal sounds from northern Europe with more tropical rhythms.

The project Floresta Oblíqua emerged from the creative need and taste for music that have long been present time. The infinite possibilities of the wonderful world of the analog, the buttons and cables on the synthesizers and pedals set the tone for curiosity and exploration of these instruments.
Something in between a cruel exploration of the "machines" and he creation of extra planetary atmospheres, rambling sound environments with more or less noise, formatted in the almost minimalism of the composition, influenced by organic sounds not always noticeable or reachable.
Sounds of nature are sometimes projected together with the sounds of the synthesizers as a form of sound symbiosis or an attempt to
environmental awareness.

Yogev Amsalem is an experimental musician and multi instrumentalist that works with guitar and a modular synthesizer in the field of improvising.
His works focus on Middle Eastern rhythms, abstract textures, complexity and repetition. His approach is to explore the line between modern and primitive aesthetics using a modular synthesizer.