15 Agosto 2019 16h00


August 15-16-17-18

From 16:00 to 24:00 (doors open at 15:00)
Entry 3€ per day (membership fee)

On August 15-16-17-18 2019, Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea presents the fifth edition of FESTIVAL MÚLTIPLO, an event organized by plural identities and cross references that promotes the dissemination, materialization and multiplication of artistic and musical experiences.
The festival is "Multiple" in the sense of varied and different, but also because it is a unit that contains several others: the event brings together a growing artistic community, where the identity of the collective is defined and expanded more and more, precisely thanks to of the unique contributions of each individual.
This event intends to oppose the typical migration of the masses to the big summer festivals, a small festival made by local agents, allowing us to inhabit the city center and to keep independent projects of high artistic value alive.
The festival believes in the existence of a whole different world of art and an increasingly vibrant one, where a number of new species multiply at a rapid pace outside commercial logics, exclusive clubs, art galleries, and the conventional museums.
True to the spirit of the previous four editions, the festival is characterized by a strong component of creative DIY production, with publications and graphic editions, and has an intense program of concerts, sound interventions,performances, presentations and talks, including the participation of dozens of national and international artists.




AUGUST 15  | Thursday

16H00> S0MA 
17H00> Tight Baby Champions 
18H00> Lump 
19H00> Asio Otus 
20H00> Trans Van Santos 
21H00> Yaw Tembe 
16H00-24H00> ÑDJ Gamo + ÑDJ Little Freak 


AUGUST 16 | Friday

16H00> PERFUSSOM (Mário Resende & João Milino
18H00> João Madeira 
19H00> Gnu Vai Nu 
20H00> Smomid 
21H00> Walt Thisney 
16H00-24H00> ÑDJ PsychiatricÑDJ Miss Peter Von Fleur 

AUGUST 17 | Saturday

16H00> Druuna Jaguar 
17H00> Post Intercommunicatiional Language: Audio 
18H00> DJ Nevoeiro 
19H00> Panelak 
20H00> Miguel Sá 
21H00> Dakoi 
16H00-24H00> ÑDJ Socorro + Miss Sandria < não-dj set>


AUGUST 18 | Sunday

17H00> Artist Talk | Alessandro Facchini 
18H00> Artist Talk | Nick Demopoulos
19H00> Book release | Naifei Wu
20H00> Golfo Místico | Screening (Lise Bardou, Sara Esteves, Mar Suárez, Jillian Roberts, Alexandre Camarao)
16H00-24H00> ÑDJ Bárbara Bulhão + ÑDJ Fábio Colaço < non-dj set>



Fábio Colaço 
Jillian Roberts 
João Branco 
Sofia Mascate 
Dilar Pereira 
Isobel Atacus 
Los Pepes Studio 

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