Ciclo Ñ-Djs #82 | Ñ-DJs Queso & Jasper Pablo

10 Agosto 2019 19h00

Ciclo Ñ-Dj #82

Ñ-DJ Queso & Ñ-DJs Jasper Pablo

They are a duo of musical mutts who will play a manic selection of world music to their own enjoyment—possibly to yours. This will be both their debut and farewell performance.


The cycle Ñ-DJ*s is now back to the patio of Zaratan, to be enjoyed with a glass of red wine. It appears as a practice of shared musical exploration: Zaratan invites artists from all areas whose work is somehow related to music, with no pretensions or previous performances as Djs. This “not-dj's” select the sound using any type of mechanical/digital device (k7's of mp3's readers, smartphones, PDAs, radios, etc.) than those used by "career djs".

>>> From 19h00 to 22h00 | Free entry(EXCLUSIVO PARA SÓCIOS)