Bartolo, Zenicola, Bella /// concertos

25 Julho 2019 19h00

Bartolo + Zenicola + Bella /// concerts

July 25 at 19:00
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Bartolo is a guitarist, composer and producer. Throughout twenty years of career he has developed a varied work, transiting through different genres and musical styles. He has produced, played and composed for various Brazilian bands and artists.
In the experimental music, he performed sound installations and a wide-ranging of phonographic production with the project Duplex, in partnership with Leo Monteiro. With Duplex, among dozens of works, he recorded one of Gal Costa's tracks for Recanto (Universal, 2011). As a producer and composer, he worked at the Grito Surdo (2014) exhibition, by the renowned Brazilian photographer Miguel Rio Branco. In 2019 he released VENDO (Se-lo Netlabel), a duet album in partnership with guitarist Marcos Campello. Recently he dedicated himself almost exclusively to improvisation and composition using sound synthesis and playing guitar.
His first solo album, (E) Spécies, was released in 2017 by netlabel Sê-lo (Salvador). The album was very well received and featured in lists of highlights and blogs (Floga-se, Brazil and SWITS, Ireland). It is an album exclusively for synthesis, recorded in real time through the manipulation of pre-programmed material over 25 minutes of performance.

>>> FELIPE ZENICOLA - “Arcanos”

In 2015, Zenicola created a study uniting two interests that emerged almost simultaneously at that moment: the Marseilles Tarot and the practice of improvisation as a therapeutic vehicle to bring about aspects of subjectivity commonly masked to the external environment. During 22 consecutive days, improvisations in the electric bass were produced inspired by the major arcana of the oracle, in its version remediated by Alejandro Jodorowski and Philippe Camoin. Every day an arcane was drawn and then an improvisation was recorded and released.
Months after the study, Arcanos was released as an album containing the 22 tracks, followed by audio versions and physical versions - in fabric and shirt containing the cover and qr code to access the album via streaming. Since then, Zenicola continues to present Arcanos live, where in each concert are drawn the arcana that will be executed that day.
Felipe Zenicola (Rio de Janeiro, 1981) is an improvisational musician, bassist and music producer. In the last 15 years he has been one of the central characters in the Brazilian production of improvised and experimental music, a trajectory that has generated more than 20 albums released in collaboration with several artists in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia. His research around free improvisation and around a new technical, aesthetic and functional approach to electric bass make Zenicola one of the most unique voices in the instrument's language today.
In 2010, Felipe founded the trio of Chinese Cookie Poets, one of the most acclaimed groups of experimental Brazilian music, known for the sound intensity and the peculiar blend of composed and improvised music. Throughout his career, Zenicola collaborated live and in studio with artists from different sound universes and parts of the world such as Zbigniew Karkowski, Otomo Yoshihide, Bill Orcutt, Jards Macalé, Paal Nilssen-Love, Leo Black, Julie Kjaer, Arto Lindsay , Cadu Tenorio, Ava Rocha, Tetuzi Akyiama, JP Caron, Frode Gjestard, etc.

>>> BELLA - “Hadron”

Hadron (2018) is an audiovisual piece composed by lights and sound, created by the musician and sound artist Bella. The sounds are generated by the lights, through sensors and DIY pickups and live images are being created in real time through the lights and shadows. Part of an investigation into the interaction between electromagnetism, nature and dreams.
Bella lives in São Paulo / Brazil. Her mission is to erase the boundaries between sound and space from a performance focused on the imperceptible movements of reality. It has been developing projects that explore the relationships between physical and conceptual aspects of matter / sound. She often works in collaboration and interdisciplinary fields. She has been at some festivals such as: CTM Festival, Vinterjazz, Digital Art Biennial, AntiMatéria Festival, Ende Tymes, Audio Rebel Instrumental Festival, FIME Festival, FIME Festival, Small Sessions Festival, New Frequencies Festival, Aphrodite Festival.