Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds #4

27 Julho 2019 19h00

"Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds" is a cycle of screenings organised by the icing room that explores nuance and itinerancy as practice. Artists are invited to make a series of subtle interventions that come together to create an immersive, multi-sensory environment for the viewing of a film. How these interventions come together - through the projection, the space, and the audience experience - cannot be foreseen. Moreover, everything disappears with the closing of the night, thereby allowing the deviations to move on and exist only in the memories of those who attended.

For the fourth edition of the cycle, artists André Lança (PT) and Lise Bardou (FR) will make interventions into the space, where we will be screening three short films:
‘Meshes of the Afternoon’ (1943) Maya Deren
‘Epaves’ (1943) Jacques Cousteau
‘Miami Remix’ (2011) Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez

[The works are shown under the Fair Use Act]

July 27th at 19:00 ! Entry 3€ [monthly member fee]