AURA 4.0 | Projecto sonoro de escuta profunda

6 Julho 2019 19h00

Zaratan is thrilled to present AURA 4.0, the latest experimental project by Luis FernandesAURA 4.0 is an immersive and meditative sound performance for sound spatialization in 4/8 monitors / speakers. In a site-specific format, it includes an artistic residency period for capturing sounds from the local sound territory and invites the audience to be with their eyes closed, in a comfortable environment and inviting to relaxation, or deep listening. It can happen in a living room of a house, a room, an open space, a hangar, a black box, a sea port, a factory, an atypical outdoor space, an art gallery, a church, or any place you invite to be and to listen to the world that passes. AURA 4.0 auscultates the being.