Dina Maccabee, Joana Guerra, Trans Van Santos, Simone Sim Longo

24 Maio 2019 19h00


Dina Maccabee is known as both a composer and a notable side-person, appearing on 2018 albums by Julia Holter and Tune Yards, among others. An accomplished violinist and violist, she likes to make new music along the fault line between classical and modern-day musical technology, always chasing collective experiences of the unexpected and sublime. She is gearing up to promote the release of her new album, The Sharpening Machine, on the Geomancy label out of Oakland, CA. The Sharpening Machine is an ambitious and wide-ranging musical collage that mixes folksinger craft with electronic post-modern pop experimentation, revealing new layers of mood, instrumentation, and musical reference with each song. As a solo performer, Dina re-imagines the album’s multilayered production for live performance, using voice and viola with loops and electronics to paint freely with lush and sometimes dissonant strokes.[viola, voice, electronics]


Joana Guerra presents Impressionistic and experimental songs, aligned with the cello hypnosis. [voice, cello]


Trans Van Santos emerged from the fertile waters of the San Francisco music scene in 2009 with his neo-psychedelic collective, Os Beaches. A band whose membership rotation included Steve Mackay of Iggy & The Stooges and guitarist Jeffrey Davies of Brian Jonestown Massacre. After marking the soundtrack to James Franco's film I Think You Are Totally Wrong: A Quarrel (2015), Trans Van Santos released the Moon Mirage album. The album featured "Desert Noir" and "psych folk" which was later heavily exploited by TVS2. It featured the contributions of Jason Simon from Dead Meadow, Matt Adams from The Blank Tapes, and former Patti Smith guitarist Oliver Ray. In 2018 he toured nine countries with Dead Meadow and in January 2019 debuted the self - titled Old Mexico, the first album of a new project led by Trans Van Santos, Jason Simon, and "spiritual-jazz" drummer Dave Mihaly. Don Bolles, Ariel Pink's multi-instrumentalist, said that Trans Van Santos is "terrific ... Reminds me of Bob Dylan and Tom Rapp”


Simone Sims Longo is a composer of electronic music and new media artist. He is interested in creating and processing sound in the digital domain, focused on timbre exploration with different techniques: physical modelling synthesis, sound granulation, FM synthesis, signal processing and digital deconstruction of concrete sounds. In his works he often uses a multilevel iteration of sound samples, investigating on asynchronous polyrhythmic texture changes. His sonic identity is characterized by a dry and edgy sound. Through multichannel speakers diffusion he explores the musical space and exploits the interaction of the sound with architectural elements. He also focuses his activity on the relation between audio and video in real time, he performs acts of visual music that explores the perception of audiovisual phenomena. In the audiovisual field Simone is developing his own aesthetic using a blending between motion graphic and video processing. He obtained a master degree in electronic music at G. F. Ghedini Conservatory of Cuneo.
In Zaratan he will be presenting Neutro, an audio-video multichannel live performance aimed to explores ‘insignificance’ using forms of sound that develop over time and space. The work has four parts, each part uses a different video technique. The digital sounds are generated from repeated, layered sound samples also created using a variety of techniques. This results in an asynchronous, polyrhythmic audio-visual structure that changes in the space.