22 Março 2015 16h00

On the 22th of March, Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea invites for the presentation of "Ruína e Ruído", a video-installation by GMURDA (PT).

GMURDA is a collective od sound improvisation that began in RDA69, associative space in Anjos (Lisbon) in November 2012.

We have explored unoccupied or ruined architectural structures, from municipal pools or military complex, through schools, churches, factories or warehouses. The field for the action is established through an explorational methodology, which is built collectively starting from the materials and the resonances that are already in the space.
Improvisation here means that demand for temporary collective positions with no previous map.

With "Ruína e Ruído" ("Ruins and Noise") we were at Oficinas do Convento (Montemor-o-Novo), at Cabo do Mundo (Guarda), and Binaural (São Pedro do Sul). It is the result of what we walk exploring in these places that we will exhibit at Zaratan.