Sanitary (T)issues | k7 DJ-set

19 Abril 2019 19h00

Sanitary (T)issues

Cassettes DJ-set
April 19 at 20h00
Entry 3€ [monthly member fee]

We are glad to present a live Dj-set with cassette by Sanitary (T)issues, a visual artist, sound-maker and DJ from Sweden based in Lisbon.
With a specific interest in lofi-sound sources, analogue composition, degradation and noise she compose her pieces with cassettes, loop-tapes and spoken-word. Her DJ-sets are similarly constructed with layers of melancholic industrial sounds, self-composed loops and various danceable rhythms mindfully collected from various travels, gigs, old underground and contemporary cassette labels.
Previous shows include, among others; Occii, W139,Troppen Museum, Nasa Project Space, Extrapool, Rush-Hour Records, Radio Quantica and Cashmere Radio.