Neil Campbell / Vasco Alves / Weeping Songs

8 Março 2019 19h00

Angurosakuson Presents...

Legend of English noise and drone/improv hits our shores to give a generous exploration of the guitar and voice with electronic backing, with the help of local hands and throats. Neil has been active on the lunatic fringe of underground music since at least 1979. In that time he has performed and recorded widely as solo performer, ad hoc collaborator and core member of groups such as Vibracathedral Orchestra, A Band and Astral Social Club. His collaborations are myriad, including Richard Youngs, Campbell Kneale, High Wolf, Michael Flower, Guttersnipe, Grumbling Fur, John Clyde-Evans, Julian Bradley, Filthy Turd, Oren Ambarchi, Ashtray Navigations, Spider Stacy, David Larcher, Blood Stereo and John Olson. Writers have described him variously as "a one-man subculture", a "grandfather figure" with "hallucinogenically inclined pallette". Neil will be recruiting local help for this one-off gig spectacular and we are very, very excited!

Member of VA AA LR, Vasco spins cassette tape around a colossal and antiquated deck, the tape winding across the room to involve a spatial live recording of his improvisations, using such esteemed instruments as ping pong balls, cous cous and styrofoam. His playful investigations of unstable electronics and malfunctioning devices will have you singing all the hits.

A multimedia patchwork of timeless tragedies spun by Violeta Lisboa, X and Tiago Henriques. Starring: Techno Widow, Lou Reed, The Crying Boy, Benjamin Clementine, Rex Nemo, Elton John, Space Shuttle Columbia, Nick Cave, Kali Devi & Monty Python. Arrive early for a healthy sob along.

Entrance is €3 (monthly membership, one-off fee... support yer artists!)