Perfussom #15 | Crewcodilos do Nilo + Os Rauis

2 Março 2019 19h00


Crewcodilos do Nilo + Os Rauis

March 2nd at 7pm
Entry 3€ [monthly member fee]

PERFUSSOM is a cycle of live events between performance, music and poetry. PERFUSSOM follows a nomadic and undisciplined path, proposing the mixing of several expressive languages. With curatorship of Filipe Leote, it happens once a month at Zaratan. In this fourteenth session there will be performances by Crewcodilos do Nilo and Os Rauis.

Crewcodilos do Nilo is a project that combines writing with improvising, and that acts in the street or in tournaments making rhymes in real time.

OS RAUIS > 20H00
From Solnado to Indwipo, from Lino to Meireles, this country has always offered us, in cultural terms, with great Rauis and it is in the context of this "raulity" that arise The Rauis, a trio of handsome young people led by the guitarist and vocalist Raul Senior to which he joins Raul Junior on the drums, getting the full set with Raul Intermediate on the bass guitar.
Virtuous instrumentalists, coming from the most obscure means of the national alternative scene such as rock, punk, proto and post-punk, noise or grindcore, the Rauis have reached a time in their lives when they get tired of music and decide to do something really significant and important, create a "pimba" band.
They probably had too much to drink because the idea seemed good at the time, and the next time it happened again, themes like "fui jantar ao indiano", "date com ela" or "uma máquina do Raul" that they were going to become a great successe by the hand of the publisher FULO HD, giving to the consecration of the band in the festival Caganças in Marinha Grande, where they gave an incendiary concert. They also participated in the Eurovision Alternative Festival in Lisbon, presented by Eládio Clímaco, but they lost.
Captivating and well-rhythmic melodies, surmounted by letters in which the playful punch makes us smile, are the stuff of which The Rauis are made but also a romantic ballad that tells us of the lack of love, of abandonment, of our longing.
The Rauis are not blue.