Tom Maryniak | A private view of a public hanging

26 Junho 2018 19h00

Tom Maryniak 

Go West Young Man - A private view of a public hanging

Part performance, part print and part party, Tom Maryniak will be opening a public and potentially permanent exhibition at 7pm on Tuesday 26/06/18 when he presents his largest woodblock print to date - Go West Young Man, created during his residency at Zaratan. 

Following in his tradition of giving his artwork up to public spaces, he once again explores ways to re - define the borders of the gallery beyond the white cube, here by straddling the line between artwork and graffiti. 
Attaching the one off print to the wall by a method known as wheat pasting, the fragile collage of paper, exposed to the elements and the whim of the people, will exist simply as another layer to the palimpsest of this ancient city.

There will be music, drinks and other surprises. Please join us!