Artists Talks | Tom Maryniak + Mar Suárez & Paula Gibert

13 Maio 2018 18h00

Artists Talks | Tom Maryniak + Mar Suárez & Paula Gibert

May 13 at 6pm | Free Entry 

The Artist Talks offer the community a chance to meet the artists-in-residence at Zaratan and to gain insight into the creative process. On April 7, beginning at 6 pm, Tom Maryniak (UK) and Mar Suárez & Paula Gibert (ES) will be giving a short introduction of their artistic practices. The entrance is free and the presentations will be held in english. Questions and discussion are encouraged.

TOM MARYNIAK primarily works as a printmaker illustrator to construct imagined visual narratives using traditional woodblock techniques. Sourcing ideas from his interests in literature and photography, history and cinema, he amalgamates these references with the aim of constructing what he would consider a pictorial poem with a dream-like quality, focusing on a tension or emotion within the work through the objects or people represented. 
His interest in pattern making and repeat motifs often find their way to and from these images into ribald and alternative wallpaper designs, ranging in content from the sexually subversive to the comical and playful. 
Alongside his printmaking Tom also has a collaborative practice under the name Maryniak & Mclean, an artist duo who combine the mediums of performance, video, installation and mistake. In this talk he will be reflecting on the importance of both of these practices and the importance of a mistake making through process. His current project at Zaratan combines elements from both of these practices with the construction of the fictitious theatre 'Dieu et Mon Riot'. 

MAR SUÁREZ & PAULA GIBERT are two young artist from Spain, living and working in Lisbon. Currently they are developing a project titled New References to Combat Precariousness, a visual essay that relates their current economic instability with the one of the retirees. 
Far from seeking an aesthetic vision of reality, this study on the lifestyle of old people living in Graça (Lisbon) seeks to generate an interrogative voice with the purpose of involving the public in an introspective way and to create a collective doubt.
Mar Suárez (Santiago de Compostela, 1993) develops her work as a filmmaker and audiovisual artist combining the perception of images and their representation with the dialectic of the word. Paula Gibert (Barcelona, 1996) develops minimal actions in the form of installations based on the process of structural construction and the contextualization of space. They began to work together in September 2017 combinating their working disciplines.