Artificial Intelligence Experience | com Chris Wood

21 Abril 2018 17h00


With Chris Wood

On Saturday April 21th at 5.00pm, Zaratan AIR current resident Chris Wood will be giving a participational workshop related with the exploration of the limits and possibilities of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is taking control of our lives in complex and profound ways. Robots are not walking the streets, but what we see online is being curated by algorithms. Similar algorithms may also decide if people are granted loans or even released from prison. This workshop asks questions about the nature and experience of these algorithms. How do they think about or process their actions? Do they dream about their decisions during their down-time? Do they sense different choices in different ways?

In the workshop, Chris Wood will give a technical overview of machine learning processes. The participants are invited to use imagination and speculate about how algorithms channel information, asking what kind of worlds this technology could create. The coming world will not just be made of technical explanations but also creative understandings. This workshop will challenge what we know and begin to build alternatives through discussion and rapid prototyping.

- No specific knowledge or experience necessary.
- We will be doing mostly paper prototyping so no equipment necessary. There’s an option to bring your laptops, Arduinos etc. if you’d like to take it further.
- The number of participants is limited to 12. 
- The workshop is free and the it will be held in English.

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