Glauco Salvo "DC Motors And Tapes"

5 Janeiro 2018 16h00

Glauco Salvo
Sound installation in 3 parts

Friday (Jan 5) at 7 pm at Zaratan (Rua de São Bento 432)
Saturday (Jan 6) at 11am in Cais do Sodré (Praça Europa)
Saturday (Jan 6) at 2 pm in Jardim da Estrela

Zaratan is thrilled to present “DC Motors And Tapes”, a sound work developed by Glauco Salvo (IT) during the residency in Zaratan using 4-track tape recorders, loop cassettes, tiny speakers and DC motors. The project is focused on the research of a precarious balance between environmental and artificial sounds: pre-recorded and electronically generated sounds try to behave like natural sounds, thus attempting to create a mimetic relationship with the soundscape.
Several mini-speakers will be placed in different spots of the performance space, and listeners will be free to move, aurally survey the space, and listen to the sound events from different and in-motion perspectives.
The performance itself is conceived as an open device, a non-spectacular, quiet place for listening.
The work will be presented in three performances in 24 hours, each with a duration of 1 hour, in different parts of the day and in different open-air places in Lisbon.

glauco salvo (Cesenatico, 1983) is a musician active in the alternative scene in italy. His research is focused on exploring new paths in folk and experimental music, using string instruments and electro-acoustic devices to create an intense and evocative listening experience of music and soundscapes. He plays solo, in the folk-punk band Comaneci and worked with several other musicians such as Giovanni Succi, Amycanbe, Marco Parente, Above the Tree, Bob Corn, Setti, Muffin (jp), Andrea Cola and Ronin. He also works at soundtracks and sound installations with the video-maker collective LeleMarcojanni.