Artist Talk | Alice Dolling + Gianluca Patrizi & Marco Garofalo

14 Setembro 2018 18h00

The Artist Talks offer the community a chance to meet the artists-in-residence at Zaratan and to gain insight into the creative process. On September 14, from 6 pm, Alice Dolling ( AU) and Gianluca Patrizi & Marco Garofalo (IT) will be giving a short introduction of their artistic practices. The entrance is free and the presentations will be held in english. Questions and discussion are encouraged.

ALICE DOLLING is an Australian visual artist currently based in Lisbon. She has been exhibiting in solo and group shows since 2008. After completing a bachelor of visual communication (illustration) Alice taught fundamental visual arts topics at Flinders University (South Australia) for five years. Alice's multidisciplinary work embodies an attraction/repulsion dynamic that aims to undermine representations of body, beauty and gender in social media and popular culture. Her brash and uncompromising style is recognizable across multiple media and is informed by irreverence and absurdity.

GIANLUCA PATRIZI and MARCO GAROFALO are two italian artists collaborating on a multimedia project and featuring an experimental attitude. Over the years, between theoretical studies and educational incursions in various printing houses in Europe, GIANLUCA PATRIZI has being reproducing and collecting shapes and images, experimenting different printing techniques. He works mainly with screen printing, illustration and visual design, among other multidisciplinary approaches. Currently he runs the screenprinting' laboratory of the atelier Checkpoint Charly in Bologna (IT) MARCO GAROFALO currently lives in Marseilles. Despite his background is in painting, illustration and publishing, his artistic practice incorporates several different media such as sound, photography and video. Conceptually, he is interested in bringing out the existing contradiction within the contemporary society, focusing his research on vocative imaginary and theoretical meaning around the idea of eidolon (ε?δωλον).