Stolen Books | "YELLOW BIRDS IN THE SHADE" by António Olaio

5 Junho 2015 21h30

We are pleased to invite for the launch of "Yellow Birds in the Shade", the new artist book by António Olaio, published by Stolen Books. To speak about this work and this publishing project, will be present: João Silvério, Luís Alegre e António Olaio.


António Olaio
Artist and musician, António Olaio was born in Sá da Bandeira in 1963. He lives and works in Coimbra, where he is currently teaching in the course of Architecture and in charge as Director of the University College of the Arts. He exhibits since the early 80s. His early performances and, above all, the exploitation of the performing potential of painting, led him to music. He started in the 80s as lead singer and lyricist of Repórter Estrábico and now, since the mid-90s, with the musician João Taborda. He is often showing his videos in exhibitions, which are example of how the songs that interprets and writes with João Taborda contaminate his paintings.