Artist Talk > Ron Gallipoli

16 Setembro 2017 18h00

Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea invites for an encounter with the Ron Gallipoli, artist-in-residency at Zaratan AIR 2017, who is presenting his project in a public talk. 
Ron Gallipoli’s home, Auckland, is a subtropical city of rotting concrete that retains traces of English colonialism. Crumbling Brutalist motorways and swaying palms make it look like an Anglo-Bangkok emptied of citizens. This is where most of the world live – in warm, dirty, unplanned cities. They are not represented in the European imagination, in folk art, in film or in music; but it is inevitable that a new aesthetic will emerge from them. This is not precolonial nostalgia, but a prediction of what that aesthetic will be. The emergence of this aesthetic is inevitable. 
The project proposed by the artist, titled “Black Lantern” involve music, video, slogans, pamphlets, posters, photos, maps, and other propaganda objects to introduce and promote what he call the Tropical Industrial mode. Images and facts will be used to demonstrate that the Tropical-Industrial aesthetic is already latent in the facts of the world as it is. The Embassy of Tropical-Industrial will welcome guests and overwhelm them with evidence that the future is Tropical-Industrial. The artist will be present to answer questions and to elaborate on concepts. The entrance in free and the conversation will be held in English


Ron Gallipoli
Ron Gallipoli is the nom de plume of musician, writer, and teacher Samuel Bradford. He gained a Masters degree in scriptwriting before becoming a musician; first as the singer in art-rock band Sharpie Crows, and then producing electronic music as Ron Gallipoli. He is a founder of the Freezing Works music and film company. Ron Gallipoli completed an MA in Scriptwriting at the prestigious International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University of Wellington in 2005 He was the singer and lyricist of confrontational post-punk band Sharpie Crows, who released several critically acclaimed albums – initially self-released, and then throughinternationally renowned record label Flying Nun.