Versus VIII | Araya Berros (ag) vs. Nuno Torres (pt)

13 Outubro 2017 19h00

Associação Terapêutica do Ruído and Zaratan - Arte Contemporânea present Versus, a new cycle of concerts taking place every month at Zaratan. Following an eclectic principle of programming, the assumption of this new musical adventure is to join different, or even opposites, projects together in the same session. In this apparent antagonism we seek to find points of contact and / or divergence that somehow illustrate the complexity and diversity of the stylistic definitions of contemporary music. In each session there will be the launch of a poster printed in risography, created especially for the occasion. By invitation of Zaratan, different artists are challenged to develop an image in some way related to the theme of antagonism, also inspired by the sounds of the projects invited by ATR. In this eighth session there will be performances by  Araya Berros and Nuno Torres. The visual artist invited is Miguel A. Valdívia.