SNOW | A performance by Margarida Correia

20 Outubro 2017 19h00

SNOW comes from a continuous chase, a stream of sounds and images that unite and transform into a single object. No matter the construction of a narrative. The story of Snow White as we know it will not happen, nor ever happen and will never come. It is not the representation of a past or future but the representation of a present that can only happen in the theatrical context. SNOW is a study of images that haunt thought. There is talk of images because they are the ones that make up the theatrical event.

creation: Margarida Correia
actors: Anabela Ribeiro, Margarida Correia e Tomás Varela
set and custumes design: António Olaio e Margarida Correia
assistance: Bárbara Bruno

-Duration: 40 min.
-Spectators over 12 years old