Bisonho #7 | André Calvário, João Desmarques, Jorge Nuno

27 Outubro 2017 19h00

Bisonho is the immediate and improbable encounter of disobedient entities, in which sound is the factor of unity, but also of destruction and separate paths. To happen once a month in Zaratan, Bisonho is a new cycle of concerts organized by the independent music label a Besta, which proposes a series of improvised encounters between musicians. In this sixth episode there will be performances by André Calvário (collective A Besta),,João Desmarques (Associação Terapêutica do Ruído,dUAS sEMI cOLCHEIAS iNVERTIDAS and  Lemur) and Jorge Nuno (Signs of The Silhouette, Uivo Zebra)..