SESSÕES NA CARVOARIA #6 - Concertos de Música Imperecedoura | Antoine Läng + Alessandra Eramo

21 Maio 2015 19h00

In partnership with the Associação Terapêutica do Ruído(“Therapeutic Association of Noise”), we continue our agenda of experimental music at with Sessões na Carvoaria, with two vocal performers: Antoine Länge (CH) and Alessandra Eramo (IT/ DE), that are going to present two solo concerts for voice and electronic. The invited artist to create the risographies for this sixth session is UYIU-51 (PT). This graphic edition is produced in collaboration with 1359.


Antoine Läng
Antoine Läng’s (vocals+electronics) taste for hybridization and experimentation leads him to use electronic devices as a means of voice processing to extend its range. Initiated in rock, metal or jazz bands, this process is ongoing and increasingly directed toward experimental and improvised music, in regular projects (dQtç, Léon trio, Atomic Paracelze, InsubMetaOrchestra) or solo. Fascinated by the plasticity of the human voice and the multiple roles it can play in electroacoustic and experimental music, his approach to the instrument extends to several registers - spoken, sung, noise, abstract sound textures. His improvisational work revolves mainly around the peripheral sounds and noise, leading to the production of organic and abstract textures or turning into singing, and includes some unique vocal techniques combining lyrical sophistication and brute animality.

Alessandra Eramo

Alessandra Eramo (1982, Taranto) is a vocalist, sound artist and composer. Her artistic work explores the relationship and tension between vocality and writing, using sound, performance, installation, drawing and video. The voice is her main instrument, which she radically extends to discover a personal visceral and archaic language, exploring its phonetics, its physicality and trance-like states. She has performed and exhibited widely in Europe, Turkey, USA and Canada, among others, at: museum FLUXUS+ Potsdam, Torna Istanbul, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Galerie Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin, Liverpool Biennial, Lyd & Litteratur Festival Aarhus, Roulette New York, Sonic Circuits Festival Washington DC, 54th Venice Biennale.Her compositions are released on international experimental music labels. She is co-founder of the label “Corvo Records vinyl & sound art production”, where her solo LP “Come ho imparato a volare” and her 7'' “Roars Bangs Booms” were released. She lives and works in Berlin.