FESTIVAL MÚLTIPLO | 17-18-19-20 August 2017

17 Agosto 2017 16h00

August 17-18-19-20

From 4pm to 12pm 
Free entry for members (annual fee 3€)

On August 17-18-19-20 2017, Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea and Associação Terapêutica do Ruído present the third edition of the Festival Múltiplo, an event organized by plural identities and cross references that promotes the dissemination, materialization and multiplication of artistic experiences, live acts and cultural practices.
The festival is "Multiple" in the sense of varied and different, but also because it is a unit that contains several others: the event happens in synergy with a series of partners and involves in a sustainable and interdisciplinary way a selection of subjects and entities ofthe most intresting in the independent cultural scene.

The 2017 Multiple Festival features a strong DIY production component, with the releases of multiple artworks, publications and graphic editions, and has an intenseprogram of concerts performances, presentations and talks, including the participation of dozens of national and international artists.

>>>>>The full program is coming soon<<<<<

Afta 3000 (music), André Santos (graphic editions), Belinda Campbell (artist talk), Bisonho #5 (J. Sousa/P. Arelo, P. A. Jorge) (music), Capitan Bazofia (music), Cardíaco (music), Ciclo do Liminar #10 (performances/publishing), dOISsEMIcÍRCUITOSiNVERTIDOS (music), Ecstasy Space Station (music), Earthly Beasts (music), Farmwarmth (music), FiM Colectivo (ñdjs), João Sinho & Sara Esteves (ñdjs), dOISsEMIcÍRCUITOSiNVERTIDOS (music), Leitmotiv (music/edition), Liminal (music), Llama Virgem (music), María P. Vila (visual arts), Marta Alvim (visual arts), Or Sobre Blau (music), Paula Scavazzini (artist talk), Pedro & Diana (music), Radek Sirko (screening), Rodrigo Araujo & Bernard Bertran (ñdjs), Rui Moura (graphic editions), Stéphane Blumer (visual arts),The Cage Cabarrett + Silvestre/Alegria (music), Tiago da Bernarda (graphic editions), [un]stable (music), among others.

Zaratan - Arte Contemporânea
Associação Terapêutica do Ruído

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