23 Julho 2017 18h30

On the 23rd of July continues the Cycle Of the Liminal, a platform for experimental objects in the performance field, seen as a broad language and practice. It will happen, once a month, at Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea, in Lisbon, curatad by the gallery itself and Bruno Humberto. 

The non-happening, the mistake that creates possibility and the positive confrontation of never stable ideas will find their materialisation in transdisciplinary work, through presentation formats that rarely are assimilated in the models and programming logics of the spectacle.

In each edition, as part and parallel to the cycle’s performance program, we invite also a writer and a photographer, to create independent ballast, translation, free critique, that finds its shape in a publication.

In this ninth edition, there will be performances by Sílvia Pinto Coelho & Daniel Pizamiglio, Hector Canonge & Verónica Peña and Fábio Colaço, which will be interpreted afterwards by Téo Pitella (photography) and Tiago Barrosa (texto).

On the same day, there will be the launch of the number 7 of the publication "Do Liminar", which brings together a textual essay by Bruno Humberto and a photographic essay by Joana Hintze Ribeiro Garrido, designed from the performances presented during the seventh episonde of the cycle. 
The text of the eighth edition - still to be released - will be red out loud by the author, Mariano Marovatto.
The graphic design of the publication is conceived by Marco Balestero & Isabel Lucerna.

note: We are receiving still proposals for the upcoming editions. Send to the mail address zaratan.ac@gmail.com