Canary Buh + André Trindade Toca o Pimba Romântico com Panelak

23 Julho 2017 16h00

Angurosakuson presents... Matinee Madness!

CANary Buh
CANar Buh is a project derived from the trio of three 'wrong-uns' from Setúbal: trash CAN, funcionário and buhnun. Inspired by the Nabokov's Lolita, both in book and Kubrick's film, CANary Buh seeks to translate the emotions of Humbert Humbert and his perversely romantic imagination. How? By engaging soundscapes -- not shitty ambient whitewashes -- and twisted sounds of machinery. The unpaying lazy pest of an audience member can sit back and indulge in an auditory experience both rustic and unadulterated, grounded in key moments taken from the book. Both experimental and abrasive, this will be deep from raw human experience.

Although more often associated with the harsh noise underground and depraved home-made electronics, this circuit-bending maverick is given space to display his softer side with a series of original pimba compositions. His desire is to warm the heart while cleaning the image of pimba from its frequently seedy and debauched lyrics. André will premier his 'cleaned' versions of Quim Barreiros, Tony Carreira and other classics of the interior. Extra support from the electronics troubadour Panelak.