Isobel Atacus, Bella Lordwarf & Violeta Lisboa

25 Junho 2017 18h00

On Sunday 25th June Zaratan Arte-Contemporânea and The icing room invite you to an evening of performances: Pineapple, of Isobel Atacus, I Have a Penis, of  Bella Lordwarf, and Mixed Media on Me, of Violeta Lisboa.
The event brings together artists whose works engage with and subvert contemporary notions of radicalism, through the use of gender fluid and feminist acts. 
At turns poetic, strange, loud, humorous, powerful and dark, "Pineapple", "I Have a Penis" and "Mixed Media on Me" share a desire to reclaim and celebrate anarchy. 
Expect noise.



Pineapple – Isobel Atacus

Rare footage of the Slits video ‘Typical Girls’ is projected onto a screen on a loop. Behind the screen (which is backlit), Atacus chops a pineapple. The pineapple might be shared with the audience.

I Have a Penis – Bella Lordwarf (Flora Bradwell)

Bella Lordwarf enters through the audience waving her big penis shouting and taking up the general space around her with the penis and her loud voice. She throws down the penis introduces herself, falls for a member of the audience who reminds her of her pet rabbit, teaches the audience a dance routine to her latest single I Have A Penis, then while the karaoke version of the video plays in the background Bella performs her song- encouraging the audience to dance and shout 'My Penis' a lot.

Mixed Media on Me - Violeta lisboa

" My candle burns at both ends;
It will not last the night;
But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends—
It gives a lovely light! "
(_Edna St. Vincent Millay_)

A set, some noise a whole lot of thoughts. Violeta transports her body into a recently arrived future and allows herself to suffer from retro existentialism.



Isobel Atacus

With a tendency to wander, Isobel Atacus works across different media, although her starting point is often text. Her artistic practice results into sculpture, installations and objects that are live in the tentative space between narrative and representation. Her artwork suggest an ordering of space effectively being unlocked by language, investigating the relationship between text and images, finding moments of collision between these two practices. She is currently doing a PhD at King’s College London and the Slade School of Fine Art, bringing theoretical research and practice together. Her artwork has been exhibited and/or been published in Portugal, UK, Uganda, Berlin and USA.

Bella Lordwarf (Flora Bradwell)
Bella & The Lordwarfs present their fourth single: anarchic feminist anthem I Have A Penis. In this playful response to the domination of a specific male voice in everyday life Bella & The Lordwarfs front-woman, Bella Lordwarf, re-appropriates the penis in order be to heard. Alter ego of artist Flora Bradwell, Bella Lordwarf is goddess, monster, fortune teller, historian and diva; she plays with gender roles through mediums such as paint or the music video, which so often are dominated by the male gaze. Bella & The Lordwarfs other video work includes #BUYMYPAINTING, I Am Bella (Hear Me Roar) and Bozo: The Clown Who Ran Away. Bella's work has been exhibited throughout the UK and internationally, selected exhibitions include Member, ArtsLav, 2016, More Cake Please, The Exchange, 2016, Feminist and Queer International Film Fest, Bucharest, 2015 and The Second Self Salon, Tan Like That, 2015. Bella also performs her hits as well as one-on-one interactions, selected performances include Live Art Cinema, Home For Waifs and Strays, The Edge, 2017, The Minotaur Maze, The Crypt Gallery, 2017 and Take Me Home at Pride, Miranda, Ace Hotel, 2016.

Violeta Lisboa
She is a multidimensional p o s t g o o g l e Artist riding the 21st Century. She grasps feelings and ideas and projects them out far, hugging whatever mediums and materials suit the season best. She studied mime, the tarot, machines and dreams, lives in Goa and Lisboa, shapes symbols, embodies dimensions, fakes contradictions, gives in to tension, weaves frequencies with colours and beings with themselves, stays true to the commitment of exploring, herself.” _The Daily Random_.
...Currently working her life towards a cosmic musical that maybe will be finished on the day she dies.