I like where your head is at

3 Junho 2017 18h00

“I like where your head is at “is a cycle of artist run presentations initiated by Eloisa Ejarque and hosted by Zaratan - Arte Contemporânea.

It will encompass talks, confessions, presentations, daydreaming, and performative events organised on a one on one basis with the invited artist for each session.

I like where your head is at aims to be a program of complicity between practitioners, a networking platform, where more than getting acquainted with an artist’s practice one can get intimate with his thoughts. 

Invitations will privilege the presentation of ongoing or unfinished projects which still occupy the artist’s minds and somehow contribute to further developing their studio practice. 

For the first session the invited artist is Bruno Zhu, who will present A Maior, a curatorial program within a comercial space in Abraveses, Viseu.