Alienação IV: Rui P. Andrade + Ježek

11 Fevevereiro 2017 19h00

In this fourth collaboration with Zaratan,  Alienação presents two concerts by Ježek e Rui P. Andrade. Alienação is the publisher founded by João Melgueira and Afonso Ferreira. It was born of the imperious desire to bring forth new talent linked to electronic, experimental and dance music. Its principles are transgression and alienation through the physical response of the body - movement. Thus, is given a metaphysical escape from reality.


Rui P. Andrade
Rui P. Andrade (1993) is a producer and sound artist based in Oporto, co-founder of the Collective Casa Amarela.

Ježek (Ježek & Kurepa, Golden Mist) is a mystery. To this day, his existence was only witnessed by someone: "I heard only an intense jingle when I hear it approaching. (...) And as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared, leaving a strange reverberation in the air."