CICLO Ñ-DJ*s | Novembro

4 Novembro 2016 19h00

The Cycle Ñ-DJ*s exist since the 1st pre inauguration of Zaratan (end of 2014) is now back twice a week to the charcoal room of Zaratan to be enjoyed with a glass of red wine, within a rave and chill out mood! There will always be some surprise; maybe a game console on a cinema screen, perhaps a tropical cocktail, possibly a toasted sandwich with oregano, certainly someone dancing shirtless, perhaps candles that do not blow out, by chance a philosophical conversation with silver paper wrapped on the head. This cycle appears as a practice of shared musical exploration: Zaratan invites artists from all areas whose work is somehow related to music, with no pretensions or previous performances as Djs. This “not-dj's” select the sound using any type of mechanical/digital device (k7's of mp3's readers, smartphones, PDAs, radios, etc.) than those used by "career djs".Follows below the agenda fortis month:

3 November /// BotapraFrente

4 November /// RaRa & RuRu

10 November /// Bipolar

13 November /// Margarida Pratas / Xico Silva

17 November /// ArregaçaMangas

18 November /// Isobel Atacus

25 November /// Nuno Martins / Filipe Adão

26 November /// LevantaPoeira