S.O.M.A. Nº 4 | Sound Over Multimedia Art

7 Outubro 2016 19h00

Associação Terapêutica do Ruído and Zaratan present the third episode of "S.O.M.A. - Sound Over Multimedia Art", a new music cycle happening monthly at Zaratan celebrating the audiovisual experimentation, embracing a series of musical projects that comprise an essential visual component in its live performance. This way we are researching the overlaps and the sums between the frequencies of the sound waves and the lengths of the light waves, in an attempt to make audible the visible and/or visible the audible. In this forth episode there will be performances by Mia Zabelka & Maria do Mar & Maria Radich & Luis Lopes & Ricardo Freitas (at/pt) and Musgos (br/pt).