LEITMOTIV # 15 – Ciclo de Música Escriturada | Bruno Humberto + Nuno Barroso + Maria Radich

23 Setembro 2016 19h00

Every month we present an episode of "LEITMOTIV", a cycle of concerts curated by Bernardo Álvares, centered on musical writing. The music sheets are first conceptualized by a composer, later translated into a visual notation by an visual artist and finally performed live by musicians at Zaratan. In this 15th episode, Maria Radich plays a text composed by Bruno Humberto and illustrated by Nuno Barroso. The new graphic design the publication "Leitmotiv" is the result of a collaboration with Edições Senhora do Monte.

Text – Bruno Humberto
Image – Nuno Barroso
Sound – Maria Radich