ERB & LORIOT & TRAVASSOS (ch/fr/pt) + YAW TEMBE (sz/pt)

22 Setembro 2016 19h00

On the 22nd of September, at 7 pm, Associação Terapêutica do Ruído and Zaratan - Arte Contemporânea presents two unique live concerts by Erb & Loriot & Travassos (ch/fr/pt) and Yaw Tembe (sz/pt). 


Erb & Loriot & Travassos
Christoph Erb (tenor and soprano saxophones) and Frantz Loriot (viola) are promoting "Sceneries", their first duo album released by the Portuguese label Creative Sources in April this year. The music you can expect is an exploration of sound and structure, harmony and dissonance with eruptive results, sometimes even brutal. The unknown as momentary dizziness, a mutual listening exercise. Equally disturbing and reassuring. At Zaratan, the Swiss-French duo will feature the special participation of the Portuguese artist Travassos.

Yaw Tembe
Born in Swaziland in the late 80s, but based in Lisbon, Yaw Tembe is a young artist multidisciplinary with a work characterized by fragility and transience in a process that has crossed the various areas it touch: sculpture, poetry and music. In this field, it has been the trumpet to empower a growing recognition through a continuous process in collaboration with several national improvisers, developing a work based on the exploration of the timbre possibilities of the instrument through acoustic features (such as the creation of mutes and other devices ) and also at the junction between the acoustic and the electronic.