SEMANA A BESTA | Saraband Experience > Termitário #1

24 Junho 2016 19h00

On the 23rd and 24th of June, the music label a Besta continues his monthly residency at Zaratan with two days of musical experiments and sound improvisations.
From Saraband bowel, stands up the visceral celebration called Saraband Experience, which appears as an accident with minimalist contours, where the vocal exploration and the traumatized tribalism by chemical tread parallel paths to the original incarnation: jangling soul disaster, emotionally distorted cataclysms and post mortem reflections on discontinued lives. In a permanently transformative act, this time will be devoted to aspects of repulsion as an initial pulse of retreat and founding moment of disgust sources. Thus, the exercise seeks to achieve a totality of aggression with a clear focus on capturing the senses.