8 Julho 2016 19h00

After playing together in numerous circumstances, having in commom the dedication for improvisational music, the musicians Paulo Galão, João Madeira, Manuel Guimarães and Pedro Castello Lopes materialized the Quarteto Incrível, an harmonious and unedited music project. The name occours because they held their first concert at Cine Incrível, in Almada (PT). They loved this concert so much that adopted the name and decided to continue playing.

This environment of warm complicity allows the creation of colored and varied pieces, sometimes fragile, others intense and powerful. The use of multiple languages and instrumental approaches are explored. 
Although it is free improvisation, they assume the groove when it arises, with no false decency, bringing an incredible free improvisation experience: a party that is for everyone, even those who usually do not attend this kind of music

Paulo Galão- clarinets
João Madeira – double bass
Manuel Guimarães - keyboard and guitar
Pedro Castello Lopes - percussions