Kocher & Manouach (CH/GR)

15 Maio 2016 19h00

Associação Terapêutica do Ruído & Zaratan presents a concert by  Kocher & Manouach (ch / gr). In addition to managing the publisher Flexion Records and being an activist of experimentalism, Jonas Kocher is a musician and Swiss sound artist. He collaborate regularly with musicians like Alex Dorner, Hans Koch and Radu Malfatti. Ilan Manouach maintains a parallel activity as editor and musician, always independent. Between his groups and collaborations it stand out the Balinese Beast, Glacial and Wry. Together, they bring the Exhaustion project, a performance "consumed, saturated, digested, emptied and bloodied" by the musicians. Their experiment involves sudden explosions and drones, cascades of sounds and electronics, tension and boredom, vain attempts and unexpected developments. This bipolar restraint pulls up to the limits of this musical work in the pursuit of exhaustion. 

Jonas Kocher and Ilan Manouach are supported by the Swiss Arts Council, Pro Helvetia and the Canton of Bern.