Cécile Mestelan (1988) born in Bayonne, France, currently lives and works in Lisbon, where has founded a ceramic atelier called “Olho”. Graduated in 2013 at ECAL/ Master of European Art Ensemble in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Her work is driven by a exhaustive and nonchalant research of a minimalist geometric atmosphere. This body of work is translated onto various media and different techniques, such as plaster, marble, ceramics, photographs and drawing.
In a society surrounded by objects Cecile’s work reinvents our relationship to immaterial artifacts in a poetic and free to interpret way. The meaning is left one to one’s interpretation bounced in a discreet and elegant dialogue. It is not about being seen but rather about individuals getting closer to a small sculpture, physically small and significantly big. It is for the aura. The small ceramic sculptures uninhibited carry a minimalist primitivism seem to reveal some kind of witchcraft of the present.