Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds #5


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26 November 16h-20h | Sessions at 18h and 19h

Moths drink the tears of sleeping birds proposes a form of itinerancy that is built upon nuance, in which small gestures are employed – meticulously, often at length – in order to adapt, transform, evolve… Like the moth that hovers for an instant over the bird, these gestures lead to small, intense moments that subsequently disappear without a trace. Moths drink explores the ferocity of this. For each edition of the cycle a space is temporarily inhabited for a screening, into which two artists are invited to intervene. The material to be screened provides the raw material, and speaks to the themes of the cycle: leaning towards the itinerant and disorienting. The artists work into the images and sound, and maybe into the space itself. How these interventions come together cannot be foreseen. Crucially, everything dissolves at the end of the night.
For the fifth edition artists Miguel Abras (PT) and Flora Bradwell (UK) will make interventions into the space, where we will be showing three short films:
‘Cat Food’ (1967)– Joyce Wieland
‘Trio’ (1978) – Yvonne Rainer
‘The Midnight Sun’ from the Twilight Zone (1961)
>>> MIGUEL ABRAS (Lisbon, 1992) from an early age, he became interested and formed, informally and self-didactically, in audiovisual and literary arts, namely, Music (composition, production, sound engineering) and Poetry. He has been part of the collective Cafetra Records in Lisbon since 2009. He integrates several projects including Putas Bêbadas, CAVEIRA and a solo project. He founded the independent publication ENGAJA with Maria Reis, publishing his notebook of poems CADRASSO.
>>> FLORA BRADWELL is an artist and curator whose playful, generously grotesque practice encompasses painting, sculpture, installation, performance and moving image. Flora has exhibited internationally and collaborated in curating site responsive projects, performance events and exhibitions across the UK. Selected outings include “Hungry Boots”, Patio Project, London, (2020), “Slade Show”, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London (2020), European Media Arts Festival, Osnabruck (2018) and “Femmes Fantastique”, LSFF11, ICA, London (2014).
Curatorship and organization: Isobel Atacus
Guest artists: Miguel Abras and Flora Bradwell
Support: República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes